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Using podcasts as part of a collaborative learning approach to bring about social behaviour change within the farming communities of Karamoja.

Collaborative Learning about Farm Recording Incorporating Podcasts  - April 2021 - March 2022

This project is funded by the IDEAL programme of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA).

IDEAL addresses knowledge and capacity gaps expressed by the food and nutrition security implementing community, supporting them in the design and implementation of effective emergency and non-emergency food security activities. 

This project piloted a revised social learning approach to increase the awareness and practice of farm recording among smallholder farmers in Northern Uganda.  It used a series of small group learning sessions using pre-recorded audio podcasts to support acceptance of farm recording with five rural farmer groups in Moroto district, Karamoja. The project built upon the social learning approach by having one family member join the head of household at each of the learning sessions. AgriTechTalk International CIC partnered with Farm Radio International, AgriTechTalk Africa, AA International, as well as a local radio station in delivering this project. FRI provided support and guidance on the development of the podcasts; ATTA field based delivery of the learning sessions; and AAI development of the podcast and other training content.

Project Reports

Project Overview

Formative Research Report

M & E Plan

Baseline Report

Podcast Development Guide (Farm Radio International)

Collaborative Learning Plan

Dissemination Plan

Final Evaluation Report

Final Project Report

Learning Resources

All learning resources developed during the project can be found by clicking on the link below:

AgriTechTalk Farm Recording Resources


Drought and Flood Mitigation Service

DFMS (UK Space Agency via the International Partnership Programme) - March 2017 - December 2020

The Drought and Flood Mitigation Service (DFMS) aimed to develop improved climate, hydrological and Earth Observation forecasts and information for Uganda. In association with our sister organisations AA International Ltd and AgriTechTalk Africa, we supported the regular collection, analysis and reporting of crop yield and livestock body condition data across the Karamoja sub-region, using AAI's PET methodology. Although primarily collected for project monitoring, the assessments enabled the production of regular reports on crop yield and livestock condition, circulated to Uganda Ministry officers for planning and information purposes. 

Improvement of Numeracy in Karamoja (INIK) Project

INIK (funded by USAID's Technical and Operational Performance Support Program (TOPS)) - June 2015 - May 2016

AgriTechTalk International's "INIK" project in Karamoja, was supported by USAID via a Programme Improvement Award from the TOPS programme, in partnership with Mercy Corps. Programme Improvement Awards aim to conduct and/or document innovative, best practice-focused activities, operations research, or pilot programs to strengthen the quality and efficient effective delivery of Food for Peace-supported food security programs.

This project worked with agricultural officers and small-holder farmers in Karamoja and involved the production of two new Uno How numeracy modules, the animation of three modules and delivery to agricultural officers and farmers in Karamoja. These modules are available to download for free from the Financial Literacy Resources page

Pictorial Evaluation Tool (PET) Training

Training for UN FAO  - July, August and September 2015.

Delivery of training in the recently completed PET-Crops Karamoja and PET-Livestock Karamoja methodologies.

To read more about PET click here.

Development and Publication of PET-Crops Karamoja and PET-Livestock Karamoja

UN FAO - 2014-2015


Completion and finalisation of PET Manuals for Uganda took place between March and October 2015..

Fieldwork for the development of PET-Crops and PET-Livestock Karamoja took place between January-February 2015 and September-October 2014.

To learn more about PET Crops and to download the PET-Crop Karamoja manual click here

To learn more about PET Livestock and to download the PET-Livestock Karamoja manual click here.

Functional Numeracy for Food Security Project

May 2014

AgriTechTalk International's Functional Numeracy for Food Security and Nutrition project, conducted in Kitgum, Acholi region, was supported by USAID via the TOPS programme, in partnership with Mercy Corps,  This included the production of two Uno How numeracy modules in English and two local languages, as well as delivery to agricultural officers and farmers in Kitgum. Download the Uno How Numeracy Modules from our Financial Literacy Resources page.

Livestock and Market Assessment Mission to Karamoja Region, Uganda

FAO/GIEWS - February-March 2014

AA International undertook this mission to assess the overall livestock situation in the Karamoja region. The Mission was in connection with a household food security assessment being conducted simultaneously and jointly by FAO, WFP, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) and NGO assessing teams.