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Farm Recording

Why Farm Recording?


The keeping of FARM RECORDS is an essential component of good farm management, providing the information needed for day-to-day decision making and long-term planning.

Farm Recording forms the basis of useful management information for farmers and projects and means keeping regular records, on-farm, of all technical and financial activities and events.

Records may be kept in many different ways.

They may be as simple as a series of marks scratched on a wall marking an action; or, collections of stones or tokens placed in containers denoting specific events or actions. Alternatively, farm records may be as complicated as an integrated series of tables in well-designed databases.
The Farm Recording systems we work with includes simple recording sheet templates for on-farm data collection, from which data can be transferred to spreadsheets/databases for analysis.

We are also exploring ways in which farm record data can be more easily collected (and uploaded for analysis) using mobile devices.

In all cases, the purpose of such actions is to record events, tasks or transactions in such a way that they will be accurately remembered for assessment, evaluation or discussion at a later date.


How do we help?

1. Recording Needs Analysis.

2. Design a Farm Recording System to suit the farm(s) and project(s) from field to decision maker.

3. Establish the scheme and train staff.

4. Provide benchmarks, analysis, interpretations and recommendations (as required).



Farm recording resources can be found by clicking on the link below

AgriTechTalk Farm Recording Resources


Further information

If you would like further information or are interesting in partnering with AgriTechTalk International in a Farm Recording project then please contact us